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  • Mon 22nd Jul 6:00pm
    Vote on discussion topics for this meetup or suggest one of your own.

    5.30pm. If you've not been before, come along and say "Hi" and find out what we're all... more
  • Tue 23rd Jul 6:30pm
    We'll be meeting at Milnes bar on Hanover St at about 6:30pm. There *should* be Python logo printouts on the table if you need to find us.

    There's *no minimum skill level* for coming along! If you li... more
  • Tue 23rd Jul 6:30pm
    6.30 - 7.00 Registration, food, networking
    7.00 - 7.20 Welcome & chat about WWCode
    7.20 - 8.20 Core Program
    8.20 - 8.30 Wrap up
  • Tue 23rd Jul 7:00pm
    One of our regular drop in open nights, no need to call ahead, just turn up! We'll be tinkering with hardware, hacking some code and probably eating. Feel free to come along with a project or idea for some help, use some tools, or just hang out.
  • Tue 23rd Jul 7:00pm
    Regular social outing for Edinburgh game devs to meet other local game devs and chat about game dev (and other things, nobody's fussy).


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  • The bidder day on 19 June at the Civtech offices in Edinburgh was a great success. 32 people from 22 companies joined us to hear about our future plans, service standards and ways of working. There was a lively questions and feedback session which was incredibly useful for the programme team. We will be issuing... The post Payments Project – Alpha Partner wanted! appeared first on Digital.
    Posted Fri 12th Jul by Scottish Government
  • Hi everyone, Our next meeting will take place on the 17th of July, from 5.30pm, in Appleton Tower room 2.14 (see the map below for further details). As usual, the meeting will be open for all to attend, and newcomers / beginners are very welcome! Our first speaker is Ian White, from the Institute of Evolutionary Biology, University of Edinburgh. He will be discussing: The stan MCMC package for R (slides here) Stan is open-source software for statistical modelling and high-performance statistical computation. It provides, among other things, full Bayesian statistical inference with MCMC sampling, approximate Bayesian variational inference, and penalized maximum likelihood estimation with optimization. For an overview, see Carpenter et al’s 2017 paper on Stan: A probabilistic programming language. I will give some simple examples using the R interface to Stan (package RStan). Our second speaker will be Russell Hyde, Research Associate at the Institute of Cancer Sciences withi...
    Posted Thu 4th Jul by EdinbR: The Edinburgh R Usergroup
  • codebar, which enables women, underrepresented groups and LGBTQ people to learn computer languages and code in a safe, friendly environment is marking its second anniversary in Edinburgh with a record cohort of students and coaches. Originally launched in London in 2013, codebar now has 23 active chapters worldwide, including Edinburgh, where there are currently 287 students […] The post codebar Celebrates 2nd Anniversary in Edinburgh appeared first on CodeClan.
    Posted Wed 26th Jun by CodeClan
  • After watching the institutional lino floor in the main lab crumble under our feet exposing the bare concrete it was time to do something. After furniture Jenga and 3 coats of floor paint we have a “new” floor ready to support our hacking.. Thanks to everyone that helped out!
    Posted Sun 23rd Jun by Edinburgh Hacklab
  • Friday 14th of June marked the graduation of CodeClan’s 29th cohort of Edinburgh students (or E29 as they’re affectionately known). Every CodeClan cohort is different and every graduation is special. We never know quite what to expect. In the past we’ve had tears, cheers, music, stand-up comedy, even an epic rap battle. E29 decided to […] The post Congratulations! Cohort E29 Graduates appeared first on CodeClan.
    Posted Tue 18th Jun by CodeClan