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  • 'Almost everything we do leaves a digital trail of personal data' The post ‘Your Data Matters’ campaign launches today as the GDPR comes into effect appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Fri 25th May by Future Scot
  • There's no meetup this month
    Posted Fri 25th May by Edinburgh Java User Group
  • The General Data Protection Regulations comes into force on May 25, 2018, giving individuals more control over their personal data, and ensuring that organisations collect and process that information properly and securely. To find out more about GDPR, visit the Information Commissioner’s website. The post GDPR  – a change to data protection law appeared first on Digital.
    Posted Thu 24th May by Scottish Government
  • With codebar Glasgow launching on Thursday 31 May, codebar Edinburgh student Claire Connachan explains why the free workshops are ideal for those new to coding. Learning to program has never been easy, but with the languages, frameworks and tools available these days, negotiating the coding landscape as a total newbie can feel like hacking your... Read More The post New to programming? Codebar should be part of your learning plan appeared first on CodeClan.
    Posted Thu 24th May by CodeClan
  • 'A tremendous deal,' said Shepherd and Wedderburn's Stephen Trombala The post Paddy Power Betfair merging US business with FanDuel appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Thu 24th May by Future Scot

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  • 'A direct response to industry need, bringing the skills system, leading universities and employers closer together' The post PwC and universities combine to offer graduate apprenticeship in data science appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Thu 24th May by Future Scot
  • Tuesday 26th June, 6:00pm at iCafe Sauchiehall St. WordPress is nothing without the numerous amounts of contributions that have made it into the CMS that it is today. When someone tells you that anyone can contribute to WordPress you may not believe them. In this talk Jenny will discuss how every contribution counts, and explain the […] The post How non-developers can contribute to WordPress, by Jenny Wong appeared first on WordPress Glasgow meetup.
    Posted Wed 23rd May by WPGlasgow
  • Thursday 14 June, 6:30pm at Citizen M’s Glasgow. If you would like to build a website using WordPress, or if you already have a WP site which is having issues, or if you are looking to share your WP knowledge, then this is the gathering to come along to. The idea is that people of […] The post WordPress Community Workshop, June appeared first on WordPress Glasgow meetup.
    Posted Wed 23rd May by WPGlasgow
  • Nearly 40% of young people living rurally plan to move to urban centres, according to the interim results from the Rural Youth Project (RYP) survey. 92% say broadband is essential to their future, and 50% don’t feel they have a say in what happens in their local community. In its last week, the organisers of the RYP survey are calling on all young people aged 18-28, living rurally, in any occupation from agriculture to health, retail or education, to complete its online survey before it closes on 31 May. “Not only can you win tickets to some great events, but The post Last chance to take part in the Rural Youth Project survey – and win festival tickets appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Wed 23rd May by Future Scot
  • We caught up with BAFTA nominated Selina Wagner, Animation Director, Blobina Animations   Tell us more about the work Blobina does. I create 2D animation for TV, film, games and apps. Over the years I’ve created more than 40 TV commercials for clients such as Chester Zoo, NHS 24 and the National Trust for Scotland, as well as many short films for clients such as the BBC, Glenmorangie distilleries and Chewits. I also create my own short films and apps. My latest film, ‘Spindrift’ is currently being screened at its 17th international film festival and was nominated for Best Animation at the Scottish BAFTAs in 2017.  Working with my husband Jason’s company, Ping Creates, we devised and launched our own app for pre-school children,  Peekaboo Planet, which has led to creating more content for children.  Tell us a bit about the founders at your company - who they are, what's their background?  Blobina Animations is run by myself and I hire in freelancers as they’re needed. I grew up on a sm...
    Posted Wed 23rd May by CodeBase
  • The relationship between organisations and their technology requirements often results in the need to make complex and business critical decisions around IT, Telecoms and infrastructure. The post Helping you plan, source, implement, and optimise digital technology appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Tue 22nd May by Future Scot
  • 'It will incubate a new industry drawing on centres of excellence in places like Edinburgh' The post PM announces ‘pioneering’ use of AI to diagnose a range of diseases appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Mon 21st May by Future Scot
  • Castlight Financial, the Glasgow-based financial capability company, has partnered with HSBC UK in the delivery of the bank’s first open banking loan. Following a test, and pilot programme, HSBC UK used Castlight’s categorisation tool, CaaS (Catgorisation as a Service), to process a loan for a customer in real-time. After the customer had securely linked their bank account to HSBC UK, the bank used its open banking technology to pull down all the transactional data. It then ran the customer’s transactional data through the CaaS engine, which categorised income and expenditure into 155 categories, summarising income streams, credit commitments, essential costs The post UK’s first ‘open banking’ loan made by HSBC using Castlight Financial’s categorisation engine appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Mon 21st May by Future Scot
  • As the Online Identity Assurance project gets set to enter its next phase, recent activity has been focussed on capturing what we have learned since the project kicked off last year. Past months have seen the Scottish Government project team work closely with members of the public, a range of partner organisations and technical specialists... The post Online Identity Assurance – approaching the next phase appeared first on Digital.
    Posted Fri 18th May by Scottish Government
  • Worth nearly £184bn, up from £170bn, but diversity remains a challenge The post UK technology sector expands 2.6 times faster than the wider economy appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Thu 17th May by Future Scot
  • Inoapps is an IT services company delivering business systems to organisations using Oracle technology. Here, the Inoapps team discuss how CodeClan graduates have strengthened their development team. Watch the video: Read the transcript: Dermot Murray: Inoapps is an IT services company, we deliver business systems to organisation using Oracle technology. We’re rapidly growing, lots of... Read More The post Meet our partners: Inoapps appeared first on CodeClan.
    Posted Thu 17th May by CodeClan
  • Failure to do so could mean consumers are less willing to engage with products and services The post Embrace GDPR to succeed appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Thu 17th May by Future Scot
  • Email marketing and ad-tech face disruption The post The web’s economics upturned appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Thu 17th May by Future Scot
  • Organisations and businesses should avoid post-25 May complacency The post Why GDPR is not Y2K appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Thu 17th May by Future Scot
  • Making SARs management more effective and efficient The post Nalytics launches ‘subject access request’ (SAR) module for law firms appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Wed 16th May by Future Scot
  • EduKit is a social enterprise providing schools with Insight The post Laurence Thomas: Wellbeing lead at Rock Ferry Primary school appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Wed 16th May by Future Scot
  • If you’re like most people I’ve spoken to about the UK Government Interchange, your first question probably is, what is it? It’s part of the UK Government’s Devolution and You Campaign, a Civil Service learning campaign that’s been running since 2015, and I took part in it earlier this year. It aims to help the UK... The post What the UK Government Interchange is and 3 reasons why you should take part appeared first on Digital.
    Posted Tue 15th May by Scottish Government
  • Ability to be linked to different online databases 'greatly increases its reach and impact' The post Information Commissioner considers legal action against users of facial recognition technology appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Mon 14th May by Future Scot
  • We’re running a breakfast info session for employer partners on the 23rd May, at our Edinburgh campus. Join us, grab a bacon roll and make CodeClan your number one place for tech talent recruitment! As a CodeClan employer partner, you’ll get privileged access to a steady pipeline of digital talent throughout the year. Join us... Read More The post Employers across Scotland. Get involved! appeared first on CodeClan.
    Posted Mon 14th May by CodeClan
  • by Marc Molins Gracia If I say Skyscanner product, what comes to your mind? The calendar to find cheap flights? The APP? Maybe the newsletter…? Those are true, but they are just a slice of the pie. In order to launch those shiny products, there are other teams working in the background to enable the creation of a world class product. Some of our Internal Products Data Platform Mission: Every decision is driven by complete, timely and accurate data. Experimentation Platform Mission: Help the company decide on whether to deliver changes in the product through A/B tests. Geographical API Mission: Provide information about countries, cities, airports, monuments… to all Skyscanner. Configuration Services Mission: Allow Skyscanner to customize the product depending on the market. And together with the impact of those teams comes a new challenge: how to create a world class internal product. After being a product manager in Skyscanner Data Tribe for 6 months, I would like to explain 9 key mi...
    Posted Mon 14th May by Code Voyagers - Skyscanner Engineering
  • It's official - in partnership with Opportunity North East (ONE) we're opening a brand new space in Aberdeen. The hub will be opened later in the year comprised of flexible, affordable office space, coworking and hotdesking for fast growing tech startups. The focus as always will be on community - creating a space where people can learn not just from access to our mentor network, but from other entrepreneurs who are on the same journey.
    Posted Mon 14th May by CodeBase
  • Subjects include wellbeing, natural environment, city planning and young people The post Scotland’s CivTech 3.0 challenges set to be unveiled next month appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Fri 11th May by Future Scot
  • Supporting ambition to be a top five global fintech centre by 2020 The post FinTech Scotland announces chairman and strategic partners appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Fri 11th May by Future Scot
  • Approaching his second anniversary at Oracle Platinum Partner Inoapps, our graduate Alasdair reflects on life since CodeClan and what it’s like to be two years into a career as a Software Developer. I’m Alasdair, I’m a CodeClan graduate and now a Products Developer at Inoapps. I was a Junior Developer but now I’ve moved along their structured... Read More The post Two years after CodeClan: Meet Alasdair, Products Developer at Inoapps appeared first on CodeClan.
    Posted Fri 11th May by CodeClan
  • Recommendations of 'Learner Journey Review' published The post Scottish Government unveils personalised online careers support for pupils appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Thu 10th May by Future Scot
  • A journey through how we empower engineers at Skyscanner from day one Enabling engineers at scaleBy Alex Simon The North Star At Skyscanner we believe that “speed of iteration beats quality of iteration” and we embrace this concept in everything we do across Engineering. We are moving into a world in which an idea from an employee in the morning can be in the hands of a user in the afternoon. With our current size, both employee and traffic wise, we are talking about shipping thousands of changes into production in a single day. This approach brings an incredibly fast pace of innovation, lowering the barrier for experimenting in everything we do (not just traditional front-end features, but now also backend configuration changes for example). However, this has some implications: a big investment is needed in productivity/enablement engineering, as well as a conscious effort to facilitate internal open source. Furthermore, the company culture plays a key role in the success of the mode...
    Posted Thu 10th May by Code Voyagers - Skyscanner Engineering
  • Edge Testing Solutions sees 100th graduate successfully pass through its academy The post Former policeman turns to hunting down bugs in IT systems, programmes and apps appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Thu 10th May by Future Scot
  • ONE CodeBase aims to support industrial digital space and create businesses of scale The post New partnership to accelerate growth of digital companies in north east Scotland appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Thu 10th May by Future Scot
  • AcuSoft provides custom software for large US companies and public-sector clients The post US software company chooses Glasgow for its first European office appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Wed 9th May by Future Scot
  • By Oreste Luci What makes Skyscanner different from other companies I have worked for is that Skyscanner really puts the traveller first, it’s a product driven company. You get the sense every day that everything is driven by making the product better for the traveller. This attitude has an impact on how our decisions are made, which technologies are used, how software is built and how we communicate to each other and the rest of the world. The company encourages us to always push ourselves to deliver the best with the finest tools available, this covers the full spectrum of engineering tasks from processes, languages, frameworks, architecture, real-time business metric monitoring and even cutting-edge data science and machine learning solutions. Skyscanner is a non-stop learning ride. Nearly every day I’m challenged by a new problem requiring investigation, discussion, learning and challenging implementations of solutions. Fortunately, I’m surrounded by very smart people that are alw...
    Posted Wed 9th May by Code Voyagers - Skyscanner Engineering
  • By Ardy Dedase Software engineers at Skyscanner have access to internally developed tools, services and integrated Open Source platforms that help accelerate our speed of iteration on a day-to-day basis. These tools enable our engineering teams to avoid churning hours away on boiler-plate code and instead focus their efforts on building product and features that improve the lives of our users and travelers. Why is this important? Skyscanner has evolved towards this position as a result of the company’s organic growth, i.e. we are currently a 900+ people organisation spread across 10 global locations that has quadrupled in size over the past 4 years (numbers are correct at the time of writing). It’s very easy to imagine that aligning an entire company’s approach to engineering is exceptionally difficult given such a continuously changing landscape. Small decisions — like choosing a language or framework for a service, or how we test and deploy our services, or even just how we log and...
    Posted Tue 8th May by Code Voyagers - Skyscanner Engineering
  • They are Genoffir Macleod, of Thermo Fisher, and Professor Steve McLaughlin, of Heriot-Watt University The post New board appointments at CENSIS bring experience of multinational and academia appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Tue 8th May by Future Scot
  • Hi everyone, Our upcoming meeting will be held on Wednesday 16th of May, at 5.30pm, in room G.04, 50 George Square (see map below). As usual, the meeting will be followed by drinks and chat in the Potting Shed. Our meetings are open for all to attend, and newcomers / beginners are very welcome! Our first speaker is Euan Gardner, Senior Information Analyst/Statistician and Member of the Data Science Team within the NHS. In this talk, he will be telling us about: Practical Data Science with Machine Learning and big data in R There’s been a great deal of interest around data science and machine learning in both the analytics community and wider media. This has translated into many excellent tutorials and resources online for R but most use a standardised dataset, such as the excellent Mixed National Institute of Standards and Technology (MNIST). While this is great for general teaching there are few examples where strategies that cover importing your own data and dealing with the...
    Posted Tue 8th May by EdinbR: The Edinburgh R Usergroup
  • Welcome to new sponsors Nexmo! Looking for SMS, Voice or Phone Verification for your app? Nexmo has all that via easy to use APIs. They offer virtual phone numbers to use with these services, and can also offer you information on any phone number. Their developer site has SDKs in Ruby, PHP, Python, .NET, Java, … Continue reading "Welcome to new sponsors Nexmo!"
    Posted Sat 5th May by Open Tech Calendar
  • THE EVENT IS FREE TO ATTEND FOR THE PUBLIC SECTOR The post Digital Scotland 2018: FutureScot’s national conference on digital transformation across public service and the economy appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Thu 17th May by Future Scot
  • “We only have a matter of weeks to ensure we are fully prepared for these new regulations" The post Partnership approach to new data protection laws saves Scottish councils more than £1m appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Thu 3rd May by Future Scot
  • Top 60 competitors benefit from a range of opportunities and an extensive programme of support The post Converge Challenge 2018 shortlist announced appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Thu 3rd May by Future Scot
  • The ability to shoot laser beams from our eyes has come a step closer to reality, with discoveries made by a research team at the University of St Andrews. Lasers on the eye – ocular lasers – may now be possible with the development of an ultra-thin membrane laser using organic semiconductors. They could be harnessed for new applications in security, biophotonics and photomedicine. Writing in Nature Communications the researchers explainthat the threshold of their membrane lasers is compatible with the requirements for safe operation in the human eye. The team of Professors Malte Gather, Ifor Samuel and Graham Turnbull were also The post St Andrews researchers take us one step closer to shooting lasers from our eyes appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Thu 3rd May by Future Scot
  • East Kilbride firm opens in Chicago and aims to create 15 jobs The post SHE Software’s transatlantic expansion underway appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Wed 2nd May by Future Scot
  • by Peter Drotar In a couple of days Skyscanner are attending the Craft Conference in Budapest. Craft is in it’s 5th year and gives software engineers, data specialists, designers, product developers and leaders the opportunity to come together, exchange ideas, listen to awesome keynotes and attend hands across 2 days. Here you can check the video from the last years. What are we expecting from our presence at Craft? #Craft is going to take place at the spectacular Hungarian Railway History Park, where there will be 90 speeches on 6 stages within 2 days. We are looking forward to sharing our knowledge of how we empower our engineers and share our learnings of how we scaled from 0 to over 70 million users. Below is a brief interview with the organizer Dorina Szabadi, to give more details on the conference; What were your main motivations behind Craft? Craft Conference is celebrating its 5th birthday in May 2018 and there’s a lot to be thankful for. Five years ago when Prezi decided to c...
    Posted Wed 2nd May by Code Voyagers - Skyscanner Engineering
  • Among them first secondaries to achieve status are named The post Scotland ‘leading the way’ in skills as latest round of digital schools are recognised appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Tue 1st May by Future Scot
  • Topics under discussion include the evolution of 5G standards, deployment and trials. The post Scottish University to host first IEEE 5G Summit in UK appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Tue 1st May by Future Scot
  • Nearly 30% of adults in Scotland have high blood pressure – also known as hypertension – and many of them are not receiving treatment because they don’t know they have it. High blood pressure means the blood pressure is consistently higher than the recommended level. It often has no symptoms and people with the condition may feel perfectly well. However, if it’s left untreated, high blood pressure increases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke, and can lead to the development of heart failure, dementia and kidney failure. That’s why new approaches are being tried to enable patients The post Digital solution could help thousands of Scots with high blood pressure appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Tue 1st May by Future Scot
  • The business is projecting turnover of £11.5m this year, rising to £16.5m in 2019. The post Edinburgh-based Hutchinson Networks to create 50 new tech jobs with £2.2m funding appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Tue 1st May by Future Scot
  • 'Being a digitally-enabled organisation will underpin our performance' The post Scottish Water announces digital partnership with Atos appeared first on FutureScot.
    Posted Mon 30th Apr by Future Scot